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Consultation Fee Physician (First consultation) $30
Physician (Subsequent consultation) $15
Senior Physician (First consultation) $45
Senior Physician (Subsequent consultation) $30
House Call $180-$300
Cost of medicine Powder $0.57/g
Herb Variable
Pill and/or capsule Variable
External medication Variable
Linctus $300/prescription
Treatment Acupunture $30-$50
Moxibustion $20/Area
Herbal moxibustion $40/per time
Electroacupunture Acupunture Fee +$10
Infrared therapy $10/Area
Cupping $20/Area
Blood-letting $10/Area
Gua sha $30/Area
Tuina $30-$70
Pediatric tuina $40-$55

Others (e.g.bandage/apply external medication)

60 years old and above Discount   10%
SCTCM Sutdent Discount
*Senior Physician
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