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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Use of Chinese herbs, herbal powder and herbal pills to treat different diseases.
Acupuncture: Use of acupuncture needles to unblock channels, improve blood and Qi circulation to treat illnesses.

Special massage and manoeuvre of specific acupoints and areas to treat diseases, according to the physiology of body and the aetiology of diseases.

Cupping: The use of vacuum suction in cups to work on specific acupoints or areas to stimulate blood hyperaemia and stasis, with the objective to prevent diseases.
Gua Sha: Gua Sha is a scraping method based on the Chinese medical theory of meridians in the skin. It uses a scraping apparatus to scrape on the body surface to achieve prevention and treatment of diseases. This method stimulates the skin meridians which helps to unblock the meridians, improve Qi and blood circulation, and adjust the healthy functioning of the various body organs.
Infrared therapy:

The use of infrared rays to increase temperature of localised areas, thereby improving blood circulation to prevent diseases.

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