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Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SCTCM), located within the beautiful precinct of Toa Payoh, in Central Singapore, was established as the Singapore Chinese Physician Training School (renamed in 1976) by Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association in January 1953.
In her early days, the founding fathers of the College, who had the vision to promote and develop Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), had to overcome the difficulties of post-war Singapore and the cultural differences among the different races in Singapore. They have succeeded in educating batches of qualified physicians through their dedication and perseverance. They even compiled their own textbooks. Their persistent hard work, drive for academic excellence and selfless dedication have laid a solid foundation for the development of the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
After 67 years of hard work, SCTCM has now become one of the most established and leading TCM institutions in the region. SCTCM is not only gazetted as a TCM training institution by the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board under the Ministry of Health (TCMPB), but has also obtained CPE statutory registration (third consecutive four years) and EDUTRUST four-year (second consecutive four years) validation. She is also an ISO 9001 certified TCM educational institution. All these recognitions, in addition to the comprehensive TCM education, have won the College her good reputation locally and internationally.
SCTCM has close to 4200 graduates since establishment. These physicians and TCM-related professionals play a significant role in helping to manage and promote the overall health care needs of Singapore as well as countries in the region, making valuable contribution to the society.

Management commitment


To be a Premier TCM educational institution in the region


(1) To provide comprehensive and professional TCM education
(2) To nurture competent TCM professionals with high ethicality to provide better health care


Fairness, Diligence, Integrity, Collaboration and Harmony


Pursue excellence through collaboration and harmonious working relationships


Collaboration Courses

  • SCTCM started to collaborate with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine since 2001, beginning with the jointly-conducted five-year full-time Bachelor degree program, and the jointly-conducted Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree courses in 2003 and 2005 respectively.
  • SCTCM started to collaborate with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine since 2006, beginning with the jointly-conducted seven-year part-time Bachelor degree program, and subsequently the jointly-conducted five-year full-time Bachelor degree program, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree courses in 2016.


  • Advanced Diploma in TCM [Chinese]
  • Bachelor Degree Course in TCM [Chinese] (Jointly Conduct with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)
  • Master of Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) (Chinese) (Jointly Conduct with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)
  • Master program in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese) (Jointly Conduct with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine)
  • Doctor of Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) (Chinese) (Jointly Conduct with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)
  • Doctor program in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese) (Jointly Conduct with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine)
  • Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture [English] (for Singapore Registered Medical and Dental Practitioners)
  • Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Enhance Level) [Chinese]
  • Diploma in Chinese Medicated Food Dietician [Chinese]
  • Diploma in Healthcare Tuina (Mandarin)
  • Diploma in Chinese Medicine Health Management Practitioner [Chinese]
  • Certificate in Basic Theory of TCM[Chinese/English]
  • Certificate in TCM Assistant [Chinese/English]
  • Certificate in TCM Children Healthcare Therapist (Chinese)
  • Certificate in Chinese Medicated Food [Chinese]


Teaching Staff
The College has 75 teaching staff (including 15 full-time) with excellent academic achievement, extensive teaching experience and vast clinical experience. The College has established academic titles evaluation and set up the TAN SU LAN excellence award.
Furthermore, each year the College invites about 10 visiting professors from Universities of Chinese Medicine in China such as Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shandong, Anhui, Liaoning, Hunan as well as local university professors to impart their knowledge to her students and TCM practitioners.


The College’s 6 classrooms, 1 auditorium and 1 laboratory are well-equipped with modern teaching equipment. Each classroom has a seating capacity of 40-80 students, while the auditorium have seating capacities of 100-150 students. The College library has a spacious reading room and houses the largest collection of TCM literatures with over 90,000 books and journals with a convenient search system. The College museum is rich in collections with precious monuments and artefacts that depict the history of the College and TCM development throughout the history of Singapore.


Course Materials
The College emphasizes on the building of academic materials, relying on a pool of excellent and dedicated teaching staff and management team, as well as a large number of devoted and passionate students to ensure a high quality and reliable teaching standard. To meet the teaching needs, the College not only adopts the designated course books by TCM Practitioners Board, but also self-developed various teaching and auxiliary materials.


Clinical Practice Bases
To enhance the clinical practice among the teachers and students, the College has set up several clinical treatment centres and practice bases to strengthen the students’ clinical ability.

1. College Affiliated Clinic – Kallang Bahru
2. Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution (Headquarter and branches)
3. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and its Affiliated Hospitals


Practice and Experiment

  • All students will be assigned to Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution and the College Affiliated Clinic for clinical practice. At the same time, students under the jointly conducted courses must attach to the respective University of Chinese Medicine hospitals for intensive clinical internships.
  • Students will also be assigned to relevant clinical teaching bases to learn Chinese herbal medicine identification.
  • Based on the teaching requirements of the Western medicine and Chinese medicine processing modules etc, students will be arranged to participate in relevant experiments and Chinese medicine processing and preparation.


Student-teacher Ratio
Student-teacher ratio for the following teaching mode:
Clinical courses: not more than 5:1,
Group clinical training courses: not more than 20:1,
Theoretical courses: not more than 100:1.


Centre of Continuing Education
To enhance the medical standards of registered TCM practitioners and to promote the knowledge of Chinese medicine health care to the general public, the College has established an Extracurricular Training Department in early 2000 (renamed as "Centre of Continuing Education" in 2001). Over the past two years, the number of participants attending the conferences, seminars and courses conducted by Centre of Continuing Education has exceeded 7,000 per year.

Scientific Research
The College pays great attention to the importance of TCM research, collaborating with the Singapore General Hospital and other organisations to undertake national research projects. It has also setup research funds to encourage research in TCM. In the research and development of clinical, literature and new products, the College has made several achievements. In the recent 5 years, the College teaching staff have published more than 70 academic papers, including one SCI paper. The College also publishes its own "Journal of Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine", for local and international distribution.


International Exchange and Collaboration
The College stresses great importance on international exchange and collaboration, and has established academic faculty exchanges and collaborations throughout the years with more than 10 well-known established Universities of Chinese Medicine. Besides the jointly conducted degree courses with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the College also regularly engages overseas renowned professors to conduct lectures and seminars. The college has also established initiatives and cooperation with China Academy of China Medical Sciences, Switzerland Ming Dao Chinese Medicine Group, Malaysia Southern University College and other countries’ Chinese medicine institutions.

Looking to the Future
Moving forward, SCTCM will continue to improve the delivery of TCM education, through greater focus in academic development, continuing education, medical and scientific research, to be the Premier TCM Education Institution, nurturing competent and ethical TCM practitioners for the betterment of health care systems in Singapore and the region, so as to further improve the people’s health and make valuable contributions to the society.


College Address and Contact
Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
640 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh Singapore 319522
Tel: +65-62503088 Fax: +65-63569901
Website: http://www.singaporetcm.edu.sg


Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Registration Validity Period: 04-03-2019 to 03-03-2023

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