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Principal of Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a history of more than 2000 years; it possesses its own unique theoretical system with outstanding clinical efficacy, and is prided to be the gem of Chinese traditional culture and a wonder within the realms of the medical world. It not only contributed to the prosperity of the Chinese nation but has also been increasingly welcomed by people and governments from all over the world, proving its importance in raising the general health of mankind. The World Health Organization (WHO) values the development of TCM, and especially emphasises its widespread use in primary healthcare in many parts of the world.
The Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is established by Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association (SCPA). It mainly enrols adult students, primarily offers academic and continuing education, and focuses on nurturing talents in advanced TCM fields. Over the course of 67 years, the college has nurtured 4174 TCM professionals, making an outstanding contribution to the improvement of our country’s general health. The college motto is “Be Vigilant, Be Brave, Be Upright and Be Diligent”, emphasizing on rigorous training and the importance of both ethics and skill. Society has widely welcomed our college as it abides by the discipline of “reading the classics and building clinical experience”, ensuring that our students not only have a strong theory foundation but also strong clinical capabilities.
Looking back, the establishment of our college was filled with many difficulties and obstacles, and cumulated the arduous struggles and tireless efforts of several generations of Singapore TCM practitioners. In 1953, SCPA established the Singapore Chinese Physician Training School, marking the start of our college. Its name was officially changed to the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1976. The mission of the college is to nurture advanced TCM talents, promote Chinese Medicine and benefit mankind. For over 60 years, the college has overcome countless challenges and moved with the times. Our college also values global exchanges and partnerships with renown TCM institutions, such as joint programmes with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. Aside from recruiting local instructors whom are highly qualified, the college also partners with many overseas renown universities and colleges and engages their professors to give lectures. Simultaneously, the college also invites local renown academics and experienced doctors to give lectures in western medicine. To date, the college is not only gazetted as a TCM training institution by the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board (TCMPB) under the Ministry of Health, but has also obtained CPE statutory registration (four years), EDUTRUST four-year certification award, and ISO 9001 International validation, acquiring good social reputation and wide international influence.
Looking to the future, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is fully confident; with the Advanced Diploma in TCM and Bachelor degree education set as the foundations, SCTCM will continue to develop post-graduate education and actively expand continuing education, deepen education reform and strive hard towards becoming the Premier TCM educational institution in the region by weaving education, healthcare and research together seamlessly and improving scale, quality and efficacy concurrently, so as to further boost the development of our country’s TCM industry and contribute more greatly to improving the general health of the public.

Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
CPE Reg. No.:201201406K
Registration Validity Period: 04-03-2019 to 03-03-2023

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