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  Diploma in Chinese Medicated Food Dietician (Chinese)

(a) Course hours and synopses
(b) Course fees

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Diploma in Chinese Medicated Food Dietician (Chinese)

The objective is to use Chinese medicated food diet to prevent disease, enhance physical fitness, health care and rehabilitation, promotes health, longevity and beauty. This course may also apply its knowledge and skills learnt for restaurant operators for the unique service and improve of quality.
The course is a part time course complete in 2 years for 13 subjects, total 548 course hours.

Entry Requirement:

  • GCE “O” level with any 3 subjects passed or equivalent or higher. OR
  • Minimum obtained Certificate in Basic Theory of TCM. OR
  • Applicants with other academic qualifications and extensive working experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Language Proficiency: Chinese, Minimum passed in Secondary one or equivalent or higher.


DIPLOMA IN CHINESE MEDICATED FOOD DIETICIAN (CHINESE) - confer by Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medium of Instruction:Chinese

(a) Course hours and synopses



Course Hours
(45min/course hour)



Basic Theories of TCM


Teaches the knowledge of the basic theories of TCM.


Diagnostics of TCM


Teaches the basic theories and related knowledge of the diagnostics of TCM.


Chinese Materia and Medica


Teaches the basic theories and related knowledge of the Chinese Materia Medica.


TCM Formulary


Teaches the basic theories of TCM formulary and knowledge of herbal formulae.


TCM Health Preservation


Introduces the various health preservation concepts and practical methods of enhancing physical fitness, preventing diseases and prolonging life using TCM theories as a guide.


Edible Modelling Aesthetics


Mainly teaches the theories of beauty and aesthetics, and commonly used food carving techniques and moulding methods etc.


Food Hygiene


This subject investigates food quality to prevent harmful factors found in food from threatening human health. It mainly explains the types, sources, characteristics and amounts of possible harmful factors found in food, and the degree of contamination by these factors. It also explains the mechanisms and influences on human health, and the incidence, development and control of these influences.


TCM Nutrition Science


To understand the components and uses of various nutritional foods, and grasp the knowledge of using food to enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, promote body rehabilitation and slow down the aging process using the theories of TCM.


Food Hygiene Regulations


Introduces the food hygiene regulations and standards related to medicated/herbal cuisine preparation.


Chinese Medicated Food


Based on the concept that food and medicine come from the same sources, this subject mainly explains the basic theories and knowledge of Chinese medicated food therapy. Introduces foods and herbs commonly used in medicated food therapy, and their origins, sources, characteristics, taste, related meridians, effects, uses, amount to be used, indications and contraindications etc.


Cooking Utensils Operation and Maintenance


Understand the structure of commonly used cookware and utensils. Be familiarised with and grasp the operation methods and procedures and conservation methods etc used for common cookware and appliances.


Food & Beverage Industry Management


Grasp the feasibility and investment situation of a food and nutrition career; grasp the requirements of a food and beverage business and issues that require attention; specific facilities, supplies, appliances, business and sales, and public relations etc.


Cooking Techniques and CMF Cooking Methods


Jointly conducted with Yangzhou University, China. Subject venue will be in Yangzhou. Teaches the culinary methods of medicated food, including ingredients selection, processing, combining and cooking etc. This is to raise culinary skills of Chinese cuisine; grasp the skills of preparing cold dishes, sautéed dishes, soups and pastries etc. Students will learn to prepare at least 10 types of medicated food dishes under the guidance of a teacher.

Commonly used medicinal and food (Only applicable during the epidemic period)

Introduce the concept of medicinal and food, the relationship between Chinese medicine and food, the development and trend of homology of medicinal and food, the application principles of medicinal and food, the misunderstandings of medicinal and food, 13 categories (relieving the exterior, clearing heat, laxative, expelling wind dampness, dispelling dampness, warming the interior, regulating qi, regulating blood, digestion, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, soothing the mind and calming the liver, tonic, and astringent) 101 commonly used medicinal and food, their properties, taste and meridian, efficacy and application, dosage and usage, medication contraindication and application examples.
  Total: 548  

(b) Course fees

(4 Installments per year for 2 year course )
分期付款2年 -每年 4次
Total Payable (with GST, if any)

Course Fee 学费


General & Admin Fee 行政管理费


Practical & Material Fees at Yangzhou University 在中国扬州教学(实习费与材料费) RMB¥5,610.00(No GST)
Miscellaneous Fees refer to any optional fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises.
Total Payable (with GST, if any)
1 Enrolment Fee (non refundable) 报名费(不退还) 21.80
2 Late Payment Fee 迟交费 54.50
3 Replacement of Student ID Card 学生卡费(遗失补发) 21.80
4 Deferred Exam Fee (Per Paper) 缓考费 (每卷) 54.50
5 Supplementary Exam Fee (Per Paper) 补考费 (每卷) 54.50
6 Review Exam Marks Fee (Per Paper) 复核费 (考试成绩 - 每份试卷) 54.50
7 Repeated Course Fee (Per Course Hour) 重修费(每学时) 5.45
8 Deferment Fee 休学费 109.00
9 Sit-In Fee for existing student (Per Course Hour) 旁听费 - 在籍学员 ( 每学时) 10.90
10 Administrative Fee for Subject and Exam Waiver (Per Subject) 免修免考行政费(每科) 54.50
11 Course Book Fee (per book) 课本费(每本) 5.00 - 60.00
12 Library Membership Fee 图书馆会员费 21.80
13 Medical Insurance Fee (per year) 医药保险费 (每年) (to be determined by insurance company) -
GST is subjected to change at prevailing rate set by government 消费税按政府规定的税率收取
We accept payment methods as below
Cash GIRO Cheque NETS Bank Transfer
( Internet Banking / ATM / PayNow )

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