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Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - 新加坡中医学院
  学生服务 Student Service

Course Consultation
电话、电邮询问 Telephone and email enquiries
课程说明会 Pre course briefing
课程视听、讲座 Trial lesson and talk
Admission Counseling
新生入学仪式与迎新活动 Orientation program for the new students
学生合约讲解会 Student contract briefing
课程试听 Trial lesson
协助学生体检 Assistance for student medical check-up
Financial Assistance
助学金 Grant application (只限中医专业高级文凭课程与中医学士学位课程 Advanced Diploma in TCM and Bachelor Degree course in TCM only)
奖学金 Scholarship
财路付款奖励 GIRO award
学生会与班长奖励 Student council and student monitor award
International Student Service
国际学生课程咨询 Course consultation for International student
学生签证服务、更新学生准证 Student pass application and renewal service
协助学员融入本地环境 Assistance to students facing difficulties adapting to the new environment
租赁房屋咨询与协助 Accommodation advice
Student Care
提供学术辅导计划 Academic Counseling Services
提供转换课程或休学的选择 Course transfer / Deferment
优惠学生车资卡服务 Student Concession Card
提供学生第二课堂 Supplementary Classes
各班级班主任和班级负责人制 Form teachers and administrators
心理辅导 Psychological counseling
Student Activity
学生会 Student council
学生讲座 Workshop
学生会课外活动 Extracurricular activities
General Service
学生合约 Student contract
转换课程 Course transfer
折扣优惠 Discount
签发本院学业证书 Issuance of Academic Certificate
毕业典礼 Graduation Ceremony
签发学院信件 Issuance of College Official Letter
退学与退费服务 Withdrawal and Refund service
Other supporting facilities
图书馆 Library
学习区 Study area
饮水机 Water cooler
自动贩卖机 Vending machine
无线网络连接 Free Wi-Fi
自助打印、复印 Self-service Copier Machines
虚拟校园 Virtual campus
实验室 Laboratory
诊室 Clinic
Student Protection
学生医疗保险 Student medical insurance
学费保障计划 Fee Protection Scheme
反馈和投诉处理 Feedback and Complaint
协助调解纷争 Assistance in mediating disputes
学生座谈会 Student Dialogue session
Academic Support for all-round development
临床实习 Clinical practice
学生品学兼优奖 Awards for Excellence
出勤率管理 Attendance management
学生着装检查 Dress code inspection
在籍学生旁听课外科目 Sit-in lesson for enrolled students
第二课堂 Supplementary classes
强化辅导课程 Intensive coaching course
Progression and employment counseling
升学规划 Progression scheme
继续教育 Continuing Education
提供深造与工作机会信息 Information for further education and employment opportunity
中医职业展 TCM Job fair
Feedback and exchange
学生满意度调查 Student Satisfaction Survey
毕业生学习成果调查 Learning outcome survey for graduates
学生交流会 Student dialogue session
学院网站 College Website
学院热线电话/电邮咨询 Telephone and Email enquiries
Alumni services
申请全兼职教师、教学助理 Apply for part time or full time teachers and teaching assistants
邀请参加学院的院庆等活动 Invite to participate in the college anniversary and other activities
继续修读研究生或其它课程 Continuing study for Master or Ph.D. or other course
提供志愿加入的继续教育信息 Provide continuing education information
学院网站提供工作机会招聘信息 Provide job offers information on college website
校友可在学院网站上为自己诊所刊登招聘广告 Alumni can advertise job recruitment for their clinics on college websites
申请中医师公会会员 Provide Assistance in application of Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association Membership
Alumni supports
为学生做学术辅导 Academic counseling for students
赞助学院活动 Sponsor college activities
赞助学院奖教金 Sponsor Excellence Award
校友分享学习和从业经验 Alumni share learning and working experience
义务医师为社区义诊服务 Volunteer physicians provide free consulations in serving the community
Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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