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  Diploma in TCM Elderly Healthcare Therapist (Mandarin)

(a)Course hours and synopses
(b)Course Fee

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Course Objectives:
Similar to other countries, Singapore is facing the challenges of an aging population. Geriatrics and chronic diseases are also increasing significantly. Our healthcare system must keep pace with times to provide high quality healthcare services for the elderly. Traditional Chinese Medicine has distinct advantages in healthcare and nursing for the elderly. It can play an important role and is thus worth promoting it.

This course is designed for those who are interested in using TCM knowledge and skills for elderly healthcare and have the desire to take up this healthcare role for the elderly.

Upon completion of this course, one will have a systematic grasp of the concepts, knowledge, and methods of TCM healthcare for the elderly; able to identify the physique of the elderly; able to reasonably develop a comprehensive elderly healthcare program, combining psychological support, diet, exercise and massage, that is personalized for each individual based on their TCM constitution. Becoming a TCM elderly healthcare therapist that is capable of guiding the elderly in maintaining their bodies, improving their health, reducing sickness and promoting longevity.

Entry Requirement:
(1) GCE ‘O’ Level Pass or equivalent or higher; or
(2) NITEC or Higher NITEC; or
(3) Aged 30 and above, with at least 5 years of related work experience.

Language Proficiency:
(1) GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese Language Pass or equivalent or higher; or
(2) Completed a diploma in Chinese medium; or
(3) Pass the College Chinese competency test.

Enrolment age

Aged 16 and above

Type of Qualification:

DIPLOMA IN TCM ELDERLY HEALTHCARE THERAPIST (MANDARIN) - Conferred by Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

(a) Course hours and synopses



Course Hours
(45min/course hour)



Fundamentals of TCM


Introduces the Basic Theories of TCM and Diagnostics of TCM.


The Chinese Materia Medica:


Introduces the basic theories of Chinese Materia Medica and their related medicinal information.


TCM Formulary


Introduces the basic theories of TCM Formulary and the formula combining principles.


Basics of Geriatrics


Introduces the unique characteristics of geriatric physiology, anatomy, pathology and pharmacology etc., which will provide a strong foundation for the subsequent modules.


Nutritional Diet for Elderly


Introduces nutritional diet for elderly based on TCM theory enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, promote recovery and delay ageing in the elderly.


Healthcare and Rehabilitation of the Elderly


Introduces the healthcare and rehabilitation of the elderly based on TCM concepts and principles, which will help to enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, promote recovery and delay ageing. Teaches one how to differentiate the types of elderly body constitution and grasp the commonly used health promotion and rehabilitation methods.


Meridian Healthcare for the Elderly


Introduces TCM Meridians and commonly used acupoints suitable for the elderly. Teaches one how to balance Yin and Yang, enhance physical fitness, promote recovery and delay ageing with the use of moxibustion, cupping, Guasha, Tuina and TDP lamp etc.


TCM Gerontology


Introduces the causes, clinical manifestations, laboratory findings, TCM diagnoses and treatments, and nursing methods revolving common geriatric diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, urological diseases, cognitive and psychiatric disorders etc.


TCM Nursing for the Elderly


Introduces the concept, aims, principles, development overview and common nursing methods (includes home care) of TCM nursing for the elderly. Integrates practical training so as to familiarise learners with elderly day care, psychological care, safe use of herbs, common health issues, diseases and their nursing methods, hospice care and precautions etc.


Total course hours:



(b) Course Fee
(4 Installments per year for 1 year course )
分期付款1年 -每年 4次
Total Payable (with GST, if any)

Course Fee 学费

Course Fee (10% Discount for 50 years old & above on course start date or student sponsored by company)

General & Admin Fee 行政管理费

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any optional fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises.
Total Payable (with GST, if any)
1 Enrolment Fee (non refundable) 报名费(不退还) 21.80
2 Late Payment Fee 迟交费 54.50
3 Replacement of Student ID Card 学生卡费(遗失补发) 21.80
4 Deferred Exam Fee (Per Paper) 缓考费 (每卷) 54.50
5 Supplementary Exam Fee (Per Paper) 补考费 (每卷) 54.50
6 Review Exam Marks Fee (Per Paper) 复核费 (考试成绩 - 每份试卷) 54.50
7 Repeated Course Fee (Per Course Hour) 重修费(每学时) 5.45
8 Deferment Fee 休学费 109.00
9 Sit-In Fee for existing student (Per Course Hour) 旁听费 - 在籍学员 ( 每学时) 10.90
10 Administrative Fee for Subject and Exam Waiver (Per Subject) 免修免考行政费(每科) 54.50
11 Course Book Fee (per book) 课本费(每本) 5.00 - 60.00
12 Library Membership Fee 图书馆会员费 21.80
13 Medical Insurance Fee (per year) 医药保险费 (每年) (to be determined by insurance company) -
GST is subjected to change at prevailing rate set by government 消费税按政府规定的税率收取
We accept payment methods as below
Cash GIRO Cheque NETS Bank Transfer
( Internet Banking / ATM / PayNow )
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