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(a)Course Hours and Synopses
(b)Course Fee

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Certificate in TCM Assistant Course is specially designed for the general public for an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It includes the basic knowledge and diagnostics of TCM, TCM Wellness and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, and to master skill and technique of massage. It is a 2 years part time course, comprised of 9 subjects, total 604 Course hours. Completion of the course could lead to the opportunity in TCM Career for clinical assistants, assistant to the registered TCM practitioners, assistant in nursing homes, etc. and enhance knowledge in TCM for personal healthcare and wellness.

The objectives:

  • To train clinical assistants for better understanding in TCM.
  • To master the skill and technique of massage for pain relief.
  • To learn TCM Nutrition and Dietetics for self awareness and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine to initiate healthy life styles.
  • To manage the TCM clinics effectively for better service to the general public.

Career prospect:

  • Assistant to TCM Physician and assists in daily operation of TCM Clinic.
  • TCM Dispenser to provide more professional service.
  • Professional Tuina Therapist to assist TCM Physicians for medical treatment and wellness.
  • Related business & trade for TCM Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • TCM Therapist/Nurse in Nursing Home.
  • TCM Beauty & Healthcare Therapist/Consultant

Entry Requirement:
Minimum secondary one with any 3 subjects passed or equivalent or higher
Language Proficiency: Chinese, Minimum passed in Secondary one or equivalent or higher.
Types of Qualification:
CERTIFICATE IN TCM ASSISTANT (CHINESE) – conferred by the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Language Medium: Chinese

(a) Course Hours and Synopses

No. Subjects Course Hours
(1 Course Hours=45Mins)
Module Synopses


Basic Theories of TCM


Basic Theories of TCM


Diagnostics of TCM


Theory and knowledge of TCM Diagnostics


The Chinese Materia Medica


Theory and application of Chinese medicine and drugs


TCM Formulary


Theory and application of TCM formulae, principle of prescription and the basic rules and techniques to ensure compatibility among different herbs


TCM Nutrition and Dietetics for General Healthcare


General care, that explore
1. The way of life through TCM theory;
2. The important in Emotional management
3. Health maintenance through diet
4. Medical diet treatment approach


TCM Disease Management


Exploration of TCM approach in taking care of common illness pertaining to internal /children / women.


Management Study in TCM Clinic


Looking into
1. Clinic front office operation
2. Use of specific instrument in the clinic
3. Management of the herbal inventory in the clinic
4. Clinical Etiquette(including practical session in clinics).


Learning of Acupoints


The module cover Meridian theory, commonly used acupuncture points, moxibustion, Gua Sha, cupping, and the safety regulation related to acupuncture.


Acupressure and Tuina


Theory and practical application of TCM tuina

  1. A normal human anatomy / physiology;
  2. Manipulation / contraindications / massage guidelines, etc.;
  3. systematic and local health massage for slimming and beauty;
  4. The technique in using dressing.
Total: 604  

(b) Course Fee
(4 Installments per year for 2 years)
分期付款2年 - 每年4次
Total Payable (with GST, if any)
Course fee 学费 7,437.28
Course fee (10% Discount for 50 years old & above on course start date) 学费(10%折扣-凡在开课日满50岁以上) 6,693.52

General & Admin Fee行政管理费

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any optional fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises.
Total Payable (with GST, if any)
1 Enrolment Fee (non refundable) 报名费(不退还) 21.80
2 Late Payment Fee 迟交费 54.50
3 Replacement of Student ID Card 学生卡费(遗失补发) 21.80
4 Deferred Exam Fee (Per Paper) 缓考费 (每卷) 54.50
5 Supplementary Exam Fee (Per Paper) 补考费 (每卷) 54.50
6 Review Exam Marks Fee (Per Paper) 复核费 (考试成绩 - 每份试卷) 54.50
7 Repeated Course Fee (Per Course Hour) 重修费(每学时) 5.45
8 Deferment Fee 休学费 109.00
9 Sit-In Fee for existing student (Per Course Hour) 旁听费 - 在籍学员 ( 每学时) 10.90
10 Administrative Fee for Subject and Exam Waiver (Per Subject) 免修免考行政费(每科) 54.50
11 Course Book Fee (per book) 课本费(每本) 5.00 - 60.00
12 Library Membership Fee 图书馆会员费 21.80
13 Medical Insurance Fee (per year) 医药保险费 (每年) (to be determined by insurance company) -
GST is subjected to change at prevailing rate set by government 消费税按政府规定的税率收取
We accept payment methods as below
Cash GIRO Cheque NETS Bank Transfer
( Internet Banking / ATM / PayNow )
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